Saturday, April 5, 2008


The things I LOVE about Papo...

I LOVE Papo because

At his old house, he pushed me on the swing.

He also saves the M & M's from his trail mix and gives them to me.

When I ask him to read some books to me, he reads them.

He drove me to the doctor when I hurt my leg.

He takes me to find snakes.

Papo really loves me so much.

The end.
By Kortland Dugovic


Ashley said...

Your dad is such a great guy, he was a great Bishop in Ferron. Love the pictures.

Moleff Family! said...

How cute is that. I miss that Landon doesn't have grandparents close! So did you bump up tour San diego trip few days so we can hang out???

Kristen said...

Uber cute! When are we getting together next? We need to chat more about that site you want to do!!!!