Thursday, March 13, 2008


I have a Creative Writer on My Hands!

So, I just woke up from a big, long nap (tough life, I know) and I heard Kortland in the hall and called for him to come snuggle with me. He came running in, climbed into the warm bed and said "Mom, do you want a story?"

I said "Sure!"

and he said "O---kay!"

and then proceeded to tell me a story. (We often take turns telling stories on Saturday Mornings when he comes and climbs into bed with us) His story was totally hilarious (as usual) and I thought - I should be writing this stuff down! So I had him come into the office with me and narrate the same story all over again, and then he even told me 3 more - The last one is my favorite - it is totally to die for! I thought I'd share!

This is the one he told me during our snuggle:

Once upon a time
There was a monster house
It had two big mirrors for eyes
And a big grumpy mirror for a mouth
And it was far far away like Africa
And there was a little boy who went far far away like Africa
And his name started with a … K!
His name was Kortland like me!
And Kortland went into the house
And it swallowed him up!
The end.

These are the other ones he made up when we went into the office:

Once upon a time

There was a little boy named Kortland

And there was a big big big computer monster

and then there was another one (another monster computer)

and they just became friends.

The end.

Once upon a time
There was a big big big big big big big big big big big flower.
The queen of all flowers.
And then there was another big big big big big big big flower and it was the king of all flowers.
And then a big lamp ate the big flower
The end

And now for MY personal FAVORITE...

A shark jumped up and ate a bird
And the bird said “Bleh” and died
And a whale ate the shark -and the shark had a swordfish nose
And the swordfish nose poked the whale when he was inside,
And the swordfish’s nose just poked through the whale and killed the whale
And then the whale went to heaven
But it was too heavy and it just fell back down.
The end.


Marissa said...

I have one of these too! I think it is way more fun than myspace. Check out mine!

Chris, Carly & Coen!! said...

Ah i love those!!! he's just adorable... and yes quite the story teller! my son's getting to that phase as well... i love it! right now he's got an imaginary friend... that's interesting for sure!!