Thursday, February 21, 2008

Vacation Dreams... Getting uS Through ONE SnOw StOrm at A TiMe!

We Finally booked a California Vacation for this summer! We leave the last day of MAY and will be staying at "The WeLk Resort" (which we LOVE)- for a week We stayed there 2 years ago and had a great time! I am having rough day today (aching for babies, tired of school...) so I have been Looking through pics to cheer me up and remind me that spring is Jeeee...ust around the corner. So here are some fun photos from our last TriP! My little guy is SO unbelievably delicious - can you blame me for wanting more? (and more and more and more...?)


Gettin' our FEET wet...


Making a Game Plan

SanDiego Wild Animal Park - He Looks like he was NERVOUS all day - but I promise he really had a good time! Ha ha!

Look at how SWEET this Resort is! I can't wait to go BACK!

Yummy Yummy Baby!!!

Hi Mom!
Peek A Boo!
What do we have here?

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